AWS CLI Cheat Sheet: Quick Reference Guide for Cloud Developers

Quick reference guide to AWS CLI for EC2, S3 and IAM

2023-03-10T02:49:53.469Z Rishab Kumar

DevOps Roadmap 2023 - Ultimate Guide to Become a DevOps Engineer

DevOps is a rapidly growing field, and with the increasing demand for skilled professionals, many people are looking to make the switch. However, knowing where to begin and what steps to take to become a DevOps Engineer can be difficult. In this arti...

2023-02-03T02:49:53.469Z Rishab Kumar

Dev Retro 2022 - The Year I Changed 2 Jobs and Left My Dream Company

New Beginnings Start of 2022 I finally left the company I had been working for since I started my tech career as Tech Support. It was hard to say farewell to the company where I had amazing teammates, peers and mentors who supported me throughout my ...

2023-01-05T18:35:00.385Z Rishab Kumar

Establishing a Connection: The Fundamentals of the Three-Way Handshake in TCP

TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol. The three-way handshake is a fundamental part of TCP. It is a process that is used to establish a connection between two devices before they can exchange data. When a client wants to initiate a connectio...

2022-12-12T16:18:56.569Z Rishab Kumar

Are Cloud Certifications Worth It?

So the most valuable cloud engineers or developers in many established organizations don't necessarily have loads of certifications. Instead, they bring extensive experience in IT infrastructure and have hands-on experience with the cloud and a habit...

2022-11-02T20:04:33.613Z Rishab Kumar

How Did I Become a DevOps Engineer

Hey friends 👋 I wanted to talk about my journey from cloud engineer to devops engineer, some of you already know bit about my career trajectory from help-desk to cloud engineer and then to DevOps engineer. If you would like to know what DevOps is, c...

2022-09-29T03:21:56.216Z Rishab Kumar

Crypto Alerts via SMS Using Twilio

Sending text alerts so I don’t have to constantly monitor the Crypto! We all know how volatile the crypto has been, but I get anxious for checking it too often, hence I have built a sms alerting system that sends my crypto prices every morning. Let's...

2022-08-22T18:31:23.508Z Rishab Kumar